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The walkers of the desert come to provide you with an exciting excursion in the desert, close to the village Neveh Zohar; on the banks of Dead Sea of which landscapes iare unique and magic.

The clientele of the “walkers of the desert” can take advantage of a wide selection of options:

-6 field operating vehicles “tom car” for 2 people

 -2 family jeeps (for the groups, it is possible to book more vehicles) The hike in the desert is under the direction of the customers themselves.

This experience promises a refilling of positive energy a unique feeling for the desert

You have the choice: an excursion of one hour and a half, or 2,4 or 6 hours.

These 4 options all take the same route (except for the track of 6 hours)

 This attraction is adapted to the couples, to the families (children over 3 years old)

Each participant will receive anti-dust glasses for the protection of their eyes and a briefing gives by experimented guides.

you can also command  in advance a session of snappling.

שינוי גודל פונט