hotel located in Jerusalem

tel: 052-912-4470


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Zimmer in Jerusalem for couples by the hour

Zimmer Hotel with Love for the Time in Jerusalem 052-9124470

Lovers love and romance, as it is, the perfect refuge for a romantic and full of love! Romantic suites designed to accommodate couples lovers romantic romantic suites you will find love and romance in a magical and peaceful place with a magnificent view and clear air as wine suites love and romance. Location: Ein Karem Jerusalem Near Hadassah Hospital, each room has a fully equipped kitchenette, air conditioning, TV screen, wireless internet and cable TV.




  • free wi fi
  • yes channels
  • water bar
  • cable television
  • grill
  • parking
  • hair dryer
  • Jacuzzi
  • toaster
  • toaster oven
  • television
  • gaz stove
  • electric stove
  • cooking utensils
  • serving dishes
  • towels
  • safe
  • dishwasher
  • air conditioning
  • shabbat kettle
  • microwave
  • espresso machine
  • barbecue
  • 32inch screen
  • 37inch screen
  • 47inch plasma TV
  • 50 inch plasma TV
  • 42inch plasma TV
  • LCD screen
  • home theatre
  • sheets
  • fridge
  • balcony
  • accessible for handicapped
  • coffee area
  • shabbat plate
  • electric kettle
  • garden furniture
  • romantic light
  • oven
  • House honors
  • Dry sauna
  • Two sinks

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