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You shut yourself a romantic weekend with your partner or the whole family in the western Galilee and you are looking for an area attraction for all ages in the area between the rivers ATV is the solution for you. 
Community honeysuckle green roller-terrain vehicles complex awaits you from rivers, streams compound the green lawn, seating and hot and cold drinks. 
the experience suitable for couples, families with children, groups of friends, seminars and fun, bachelor parties, small events, birthdays and more. 
before going into the field go through safety briefing brief about the tool and the track. 
per lane accompanies you a professional instructor and trained to give explanations during the course the various lookout points. 
trip Arranged behind a guide, the challenging and enjoyable routes and winter combine mud and water trails, and you can 
choose between a one hour and a half hour or a long route.
What route? Exit from Yara towards Goren Park, take a break in front of Mitzpe Hila and Keshet Cave, pass through Nahal Betzet in fields, open spaces and paved roads. 
ATV tours between the streams – an amazing experience in the Western Galilee. 
* Opening hours between Sunday and Thursday between 10: 00-17: 00

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